About The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden is a government agency tasked with representing children regarding their rights and interests on the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The Ombudsman for Children monitors how the CRC is complied with in society and pushes for its implementation in Sweden's municipalities, county councils/regions and government agencies. We shall draw attention to faults in the application of the CRC and propose changes to laws and ordinances. Every year, the Ombudsman for Children submits a report to the government. This includes analyses and recommendations for improvements for children. The Ombudsman for Children shall, by law, provide information and build opinion on issues relevant to children's rights and interests.

The Ombudsman for Children holds regular dialogues with children, particularly those in vulnerable situations, to obtain knowledge of their conditions and their opinions on relevant issues. Panels of experts, including children, are tied to the Ombudsman for Children for varying amounts of time.

The Ombudsman for Children has legal powers to request information and to summon parties to talks, but has no regulatory powers. The Ombudsman for Children may not interfere in individual cases, but does have a duty of notification. The Ombudsman for Children shall immediately submit a report to the Social Welfare Board if it becomes aware that a child is abused at home or is otherwise aware that the Board needs to intervene to protect a child.

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden was founded in 1993. The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden receives state appropriations every year and has around twenty-five employees.

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