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You can reach the staff through the switchboard: +46 8 692 29 50

Telephone hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 12:00
Wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00.

Please observe that the Communication Unit only responds to communication issues. For other matters, or if you want your case to be registered as a public document, use the following e-mail address: 

The Ombudsman

Anita Wickström, Acting Ombudsman for Children (from July 1st)

For all inquiries regarding the ombudsman please contact:
, Planning and Management Group Support, +46 8 692 29 55

Communications Unit
Matilda Uusijärvi Ek, Director, +46 8 692 29 60
André Vifot Haas, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 67
, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 69
Johan Wåhlin, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 74
Jorge Rivera, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 77
Maria Niemi, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 73
Stina Moritz, Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 64
. Project Manager, +46 8 692 29 58

Law and Research Unit
Anna Karin Hildingson Boqvist, Director
Amanda Bertilsdotter Nilsson, Legal Officer
Anna Lindahl, Researcher
Ellionor Triay Strömvall, Legal Officer
Emma Wilén, Researcher
Emma Enhol, Legal Officer (on parental leave)
Janna Törneman, Researcher
Johanna Björk, Legal Officer
Jonas Karlsson, Researcher
Josefin Bernhardsson, Researcher
Julia Boija, Legal Officer
Karin Fagerholm, Legal Officer
Karin Röbäck de Souza, Researcher
Kenneth Ljung, Researcher
Maj Fagerlund, Legal Officer
Martina Blombergsson, Researcher (on parental leave)
Meisoun Saleh, Researcher
Shanti Ingeström, Researcher
Stella Rössborn, Researcher
Åsa Beckman, Researcher

Administration and Operational Support Unit
Kalle Elofsson, Director
Anna Karin Lindh, Administrative Legal Officer
Evangelos Koutalas, Planning and Management Group Support
Håkan Kjellman, Project Manager IT
Iréne Grolleman, Operations Support Officer
Maud Götherström Hållbus, Human Resources Officer
Sverre Nyborg-Warner, Registrar/Internal Services Administrator