Optional Protocols

Very often, human rights conventions are followed by "Optional Protocols" which may either provide for procedures with regard to the convention or address a substantive area related to the convention.

On May 25, 2000 the UN General Assembly adopted two Optional Protocols to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). One is about children in armed conflicts and the other on measures against child trafficking, child pornography and child prostitution.

Sweden ratified the Optional Protocol on Children in Armed Conflicts in 2003. The Optional Protocol on Child Trafficking, Child Pornography and Child Prostitution was ratified by Sweden in 2007.

Through the Optional Protocols, the state parties are able to monitor provisions on issues that have not been agreed in the CRC itself, or not contained in it.

Optional Protocols are conventions in their own right, and are open to signature, accession or ratification by countries who are party to the main convention. The state parties are however not obliged to ratify the optional protocols. The protocols are, like the CRC, legally binding on those states that have ratified them.

You can download the protocols below.

Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution.pdf
Optional Protocol on Children in Armed Conflict .pdf