About Young Speakers

Papper och sax på bordet. Ett barn skriver.

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden has adapted and refined a method of listening to children and young people that we call Young Speakers. The method was developed by Forandringsfabrikken in Norway, an organisation with a long background of listening to children in vulnerable situations.

It allows you to listen to children and young people systematically by letting them make their point and by not interjecting or interrupting with your own opinions and values.
Young Speakers is based on the assumption that children speak from their own experiences. The children are viewed as experts in their own situation and are treated with respect. The method is suitable for both one-on-one conversations and group meetings with children.

You can learn about the basic elements of the approach here. Naturally, you adapt them to your organisation’s conditions.

The original method is described in “Håndbok for forandrere – om verdighet i møte med de som vokser opp og de som vil vokse” [Guide for Changers – On Dignity in Meetings with Those Who are Growing Up and Those Who Want to Grow] by Eva Dønnestad and Marit Sanner, published by Forandringsfabrikken Förlag 2006 ISBN 82-997 405-0-9.